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Corporate Gift Boxes

Gifts that celebrate small business

Each foodiepages gift basket is designed with premium goods from diverse, independently-owned makers and brands across Canada.

We are here to make your gifting experience easy and elevated. Send pre-built or custom care packages, locally-curated gift boxes, and virtual event packs worldwide.

We're not about boring or generic gifts

We source only the best products from the coolest small businesses so that you can create corporate gifts that live up to your brand and its values.

Corporate Gifting Done Right

Whether it's 25 or 2,500 custom gifts, we've done it. Get in touch with our team today.

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Creative & solution oriented

We needed a rush “Canadian themed” room gift for an international client’s meeting. Knowing how well curated the Foodiepages gift boxes are, we reached out to see if they could help. We got an immediate response that was both creative and solution oriented. They were able to pull together something that suited the client perfectly and delivered all the boxes to our hotel with hours to spare – with rave reviews.

– Christine Desborough, Wynford

Excellent customer service

You guys always have such excellent customer service, I love ordering from you.

– Jane Walker

Gram-worthy box of treats

Foodiepages' gift boxes were a great addition to our virtual event. The local vendors who supply the goodies are a favourite because they give our residents access to local products. Thank you again for supplying a gram-worthy box of treats for our residents!

– Jessica Mohns, Tricon

A wonderful experience

Erin and Carolyn were the nicest and most helpful during the hectic Corporate Holiday gifting season. They were super responsive and helped me find the best, and fastest way to get a large order of gifts out to clients last minute – really saved me! I love that they are local and source their products from Canadian vendors and artisans. I would not hesitate to use them again. I’ve recommended Foodiepages to all my colleagues based on my wonderful experience. Thanks, team!

– Judy So

Top Notch Excellent Service

I had an amazing experience with this company! This is definitely the go-to company for a gift box delivery! I had 58 people across Canada and the fact that they ship all North America is so easy. They took care of everything, and even offered to include a personalized card. Their
e-mail replies are just so quick and all the info is there! Very professional! I placed this large order on the Thursday and they were ready to ship on the next Monday! TOP NOTCH EXCELLENT SERVICE

Marie-Eve Boucher

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We have high standards for emails too.

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